NTDC Past Paper 2016

NTDC conducts a recruitment drive for junior engineers almost every year. NTDC Past Paper 2016 and other NTDC Past Papers will help the candidate prepare for the recruitment tests.

General Knowledge (17%)

  1. FIFA World Cup 2018 will take place in:
    • Russia
  2. PML (N) and PTI agreed upon rigging in the Election 2013 on:
    • Judicial Commission
  3. Nawaz Sharif was elected Prime Minister for:
    • 3rd
  4. The Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline is also called ___.
    • Peace Pipeline
  5. The zarb-e-Azb operation was carried out to overcome:
    • Terrorism
  6. The current president of India is:
    • Pranab Mukherjee
  7. The current Chief Minister of Punjab is:
    • Shehbaz Shareef
  8. Allai Khwr under the constructed dam in which province:
    • KPK
  9. Muhammad Ishaq Dar is the current minister of:
    • Finance
  10. Famous ___ Amjad Sabri was shot and died in Karachi.
    • Qawwal
  11. The attack on APS took place on:
    • 16 Dec 2014
  12. Malala Yousufzai won the Nobel Prize with:
    • Kailash Satyarthi
  13. Pakistan beat ___ in the 2016 Asia Kabaddi Cup.
    • India
  14. Who won the Cricket World Cup 2015?
    • Australia
  15. Which Islamic scholar was recently banned in Bangladesh?
    • Zakir Naik
  16. Who declared a law against harassment of children?
    • UNICEF
  17. Edhi Sb died due to which disease?
    • Kidney

Technical (83%)

  1. Graphical difference between nFET and pFET is:
    • bubble inversion on Gate
  2. The probability of a defective bulb is 0.12. The total bulbs are 8000. How many defective bulbs?
    • 960
  3. The wire mesh or electrode between the cathode and the anode is called?
    • filament
  4. In thyristor, ——- alternating semiconductor layers and ——- PN junctions are present.
    • 4…..3
  5. A semiconductor device is connected in series with battery and resistance. If battery polarity is reserved, the
    current drops almost to 0. The device maybe?
    • a P-N junction
  6. Which one of the following has feedback?
    • autopilot in aircraft
  7. Which one is the preferred voltage level for transmitting 3000 kW over a 30 km distance?
    • 11kV
  8. Represent 127 in binary
    • 1111111
  9. Optical fiber operation is based on?
    • total internal reflection
  10. A tansfromer transforms?
    • voltage
  11. The form factor of 220 V, 50 Hz AC is?
    • 1.11
  12. A condenser condenses steam coming out of?
    • turbine
  13. Which loss of DC motor decreases with load increase?
    • friction and windage loss
  14. Which copper wire has the highest tensile strength?
    • hard-drawn copper
  15. In the DC generator, brushes shift from a geometrical neutral position in order to?
    • achieve sparkless commutation
  16. In piston, maximum temperature occurs at?
    • top center
  17. When the current changes in one wire it induces e.m.f. in another wire. It is known as?
    • mutual induction
  18. Transformer Oil should be free from:
    • moisture
  19. The constant current transformer should not have:
    • high resistance
  20. Green functions are useful for solving:
    • partial differential equation
  21. The outdoor substation lightening arrestor is placed near:
    • power transformer
  22. Tests conducted on isolators are:
    • temperature rise test, impulse stage with stand test, short-time current test
  23. Coal which has the lowest calorific value:
    • lignite
  24. Graphic representation between discharge and time is called:
    • hydrograph
  25. Coal from storage to the boiler is taken through:
    • V-ballets
  26. The main drawback of the feedback system is:
    • instability
  27. Phase margin specifies:
    • relative stability
  28. Non-linearity caused by servomotor is due to:
    • saturation
  29. In force-voltage analogy, Inertia is analogous to:
    • inductance
  30. When the control unit commands ALU to perform an operation, the machine cycle is involved in which step?
    • 3rd step
  31. Padders in receivers are used for?
    • tracking
  32. PCM quantization noise depends on:
    • number of quantization levels
  33. In poison distribution probability of success is very close to:
    • 0
  34. The technique used to enable multiple broadband signals to be transmitted over single-mode fiber:
    • wavelength division multiplexing
  35. The single flip-flop is constructed using:
    • NAND
  36. ____ Cells make the concentration layer of the lens.
    • Fibrous
  37. Which communication system is digital?
    • PCM
  38. PWM is generated by:
    • derivative of the PPM signal
  39. In communication receiver’s fidelity is provided by:
    • audio stage
  40. Balanced modulator produces:
    • DSB
  41. Receivers with poor IF selectivity will have poor:
    • blocking of adjacent element channels
  42. Voltage is applied to the stages which are:
    • before the detector stage
  43. In a position control system, the device which provides rate feedback is?
    • tacho-generator
  44. Not applicable to non-linear systems:
    • Nyquist criterion
  45. A control system with excessive noise, is likely to suffer from?
    • Saturation in amplifying stages
  46. Basically, a controller is?
    • comparator
  47. Pole shoes of DC machine fastened to pole core by:
    • counter sunk
  48. Admittance is reciprocal of:
    • impedance
  49. Power in the AC system is consumed by:
    • resistance
  50. The negative maximum of cosine waveform is:
    • -1 at 180 degree
  51. RF chokes are air-cored to:
    • keep inductive reactance low
  52. In a common base amplifier output voltage is taken from:
    • collector
  53. AC to DC conversion is known as:
    • rectification
  54. V = 50v AC, f = 10kHZ, I = 7.96mA then Inductance = L = ?
    • 100mH
  55. Instantaneous sinusoidal AC current at 45 degrees is called:
    • RMS
  56. Current and voltage are out of phase the power is:
    • 0
  57. The form factor is the ratio of:
    • rms to avg
  58. Which are universal gates?
    • NAND and NOR gates
  59. Digital electronics based on how many numbers of basic operations?
    • 2
  60. Programmer most likely prepare?
    • specific program flowchart
  61. In three phase half wave diode rectification, the average output voltage to per phase maximum AC voltage is?
    • 0.827
  62. For data communication in telegraph which band is used?
    • narrowband
  63. Knowledge of transfer function gives?
    • the output for any given input
  64. Video Transmission in TV broadcasts is?
    • AM
  65. The scalar product of a parallel vector is an addition of:
    • product of their magnitude
  66. Structured data that can be used for assessing the system is called:
    • database
  67. Horizontal and vertical components of the earth’s magnetic field are equal, angle of dip is?
    • 45
  68. If the Zener regulator current is dropped below the knee current then?
    • below the Zener knee current, a constant voltage is not maintained by the Zener
  69. Optical power depends on ___ associated with the optical fiber receiver.
    • Quantum, Dark current, Thermal
  70. What is entered into the superheater of boiler ___?
    • wet steam
  71. The _____ field lasts as long as the current flowing in the wire.
    • magnetic field
  72. At the breakaway point, several branches of root loci coalesce because the system characteristic equation has:
    • Several roots
  73. Which wave does not require any physical medium for its propagation?
    • electromagnetic waves
  74. From the same peak value, of which signal the RMS value is smaller:
    • triangular
  75. The filter used for extracting the original signal from a sampled signal is:
    • low pass
  76. A matrix has “m” rows and “n” columns then the order of the matrix is?
    • m*n
  77. If a and b vectors are anti-parallel, then their resultant is:
    • a-b
  78. Which is not true about VHDL?
    • case sensitive language
  79. In a critically damped system, the damping factor of the system is:
    • 1
  80. The electric dipole moment per unit volume of dielectric is called:
    • dipole moment
  81. Receivers having poor IF selectivity will have poorer?
    • sensitivity
  82. In which Configuration, amplification is maximum?
    • common emitter configuration
  83. Which one is a closed loop system?
    • refrigerator