NTDC Past Paper 2022

NTDC conducts a recruitment drive for junior engineers almost every year. NTDC Past Paper 2022 and other NTDC Past Papers will help the candidate prepare for the recruitment tests.

  1. The radius of curvature of the path of a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field is directly proportional to?
    • Ans: Particles Momentum
  2. A tunnel diode is:
    • A heavily doped PN junction device
  3. Which operation is not performed on independent variables?
    • Amplitude scaling
  4. For what purpose a moderator is used in nuclear power plants?
    • Reduce the speed of neutrons
  5. The ___ is an electromagnetic carrier wave that is modulated to carry information.
    • Light
  6. The analog-to-digital converter provides ___ of the input signal.
    • Quantization
  7. The principle of ___ can be used to analyze faults in a power system network.
    • Superposition
  8. In order to get maximum power transfer from a capacitive source, the load must:
    • Have an impedance that is complex conjugate of the source impedance
  9. Free space is ___
    • Insulator because of lack of free electrons
  10. The thyristor is turned off when the anode current falls below:
    • Holding current
  11. Ampere hour is the unit of:
    • Charge
  12. A Triac is a semiconductor device which acts as a:
    • 3 terminal bidirectional switch
  13. In the memory format date is used for transmission for communication?
    • Application
  14. |1 3 5| order of matrix is:
    • 1 by 3
  15. 2i x -3k=___
    • 6j
  16. Current in the Open circuit is:
    • Zero
  17. Diodes is a ___
    • Non-linear device
  18. Ohm’s law is not applicable for:
    • Non-linear Circuit
  19. Which of the following is NOT a purpose of Disturbance Monitoring?
    • Incorrect relay setting
  20. Electrical current always chooses the path:
    • Least Resistive
  21. Shunt reactors used in transmission lines:
    • compensate the voltage drop in the line
  22. Power generation cost reduces as:
    • both the diversity factor as well as load factor increase
  23. The number of diodes used for full wave rectifier:
    • 2
  24. RC snubber circuit is used to limit across the:
    • Rise of dv/dt ratting
  25. The pressure in the working fluid. cycle of a thermal power plant is developed by:
    • feedwater pump
  26. A turbine with rated speed of 250 rpm, connected to a synchronous generator, must produce power at 50 Hz. The generator must have:
    • 24 poles
  27. The rated voltage of a 3-phase system is reported as:
    • RMS line-to-line voltage
  28. The insulation strength of a high-voltage transmission line is determined by:
    • switching over voltage
  29. The precision of an instrument is determined by the:
    • closeness of different measurements of the same quantity
  30. The power factor is said to be leading when:
    • the current leads the voltage
  31. Power factor correction is the method of connecting:
    • a capacitor in parallel with an inductive load
  32. The efficiency of a thermal power plant improves with:
    • Use of high steam pressures
  33. A condenser in a thermal power plant condenses steams coming out of:
    • Turbine
  34. Which variety of coal has a lowest calorific value?
    • Lignite
  35. ___ are used to sense the fault and initiate a trip.
    • Protective relays
  36. For rectification, we use as a rectifier:
    • Diode
  37. The solar cell is a PN-junction operating in:
    • unbiased
  38. The electrical length of a transmission line is based on the:
    • physical length of the line
  39. The surge impedance of a long power transmission line is of the order of:
    • 400 ohm
  40. Skin effect is proportional to which of the following?
    • (diameter of conductor)2
  41. The output of a solar cell is of the order of:
    • 1 W
  42. Power plants using coal work closely on which of the following cycle?
    • Rankine cycle
  43. In applying the superposition theorem:
    • the sources are considered one at a time with all others replaced by their internal resistance
  44. In pneumatic control system, compensation is provided by:
    • Restriction-volume combination
  45. Which of the following sequence is correct for a three term controller?
    • PID as well as PDI
  46. The accuracy of an instrument is determined by the
    • how close is the measurement to the true value
  47. Candela is a SI unit of:
    • luminous intensity
  48. Current is a conductor which depends on:
    • All of the above
  49. Electric Flux Density is measured in:
    • Coulombs per square meter
  50. Resistance can be used to indirectly measure
    • temperature
  51. A smart grid cannot include
    • conventional electrical systems
  52. Which of the following is not an enabled application of smart grids?
    • fossil fuel storage
  53. The ratio error of a current transformer is due to:
    • Exciting current
  54. Which of the following instruments does NOT use the effect of current for measurement purposes?
    • Electrostatic ammeter
  55. Linear differential transformer is an:
    • Electrostatic device
  56. Which one of the following is NOT a basic category of measurement?
    • Validity
  57. The DC resistivity of a conductor material having positive coefficient of resistance increases
    • Temperature
  58. The best method to transmit large power in a long EHV transmission line is to connect a
    • series capacitive compensator in the line
  59. Chain reaction in a nuclear reactor is controlled by using
    • Boron
  60. The displacement factor is the ratio of:
    • active power to apparent power
  61. Which of the following does not determine AC power quality?
    • Frequency fluctuation
  62. Drift current in semiconductors depends upon
    • both the electric field and carrier concentration
  63. The core of an inductor is usually made of:
    • air
  64. ___ can also be termed as
    • Rotating amplifier
  65. Which of the following parts helps the commutation process?
    • Interpoles
  66. Brushes for commutators for 220 V DC generator are generally made of:
    • Electro graphite
  67. In a small DC machine, the yoke is made of:
    • Cast iron
  68. Alternating voltages and currents are expressed in R.M.S. Values because
    • They give a comparison with D.C
  69. A parallel resonant circuit magnifies
    • Current
  70. Complex electronic circuit can be analyzed by passive models as resistance, inductance and
    • Capacitance
  71. Fundamental property used in single node pair circuit analyzer is that ___ across all elements is same.
    • Voltage
  72. A ___ is a transducer that changes small air pressure variation to corresponding voltage variation.
    • Microphone
  73. The time signal is described for all values of time:
    • Continuous
  74. The analog to digital convertor provides ___ of input signal.
    • Quantization
  75. A constant load power means a uniform conversion of:
    • Electrical to mechanical energy
  76. The signal-to-quantisation noise ratio in a PCM system depends on:
    • number of quantization levels
  77. When a complex signal is used to frequency modulate a carrier, the resulting sideband distribution is:
    • symmetrical about the carrier
  78. “Parity bits” are used for which of the following purposes?
    • To detect errors
  79. The superposition theorem is applicable to:
    • Linear system
  80. The noise performance of a square law demodulator of AM signal is:
    • Better than that of a synchronous detector
  81. Thin gate oxide in a CMOS process is preferably grown using:
    • Wet oxidation