MEPCO Past Papers

01. power factor?

Answer: true power/apparent power.

02. To reduce cost of power generation? 
Answer: Load factor(higher/increase)+Diversity factor(higher increase)

03. An Ideal voltage source has internal resistance?
Answer: 0Ω Resistance.

04. An Ideal current source has internal resistance?
Answer: ∞Ω Resistance.

05. ____ is defined as the measure of instrument by which it is error free?
A. Accuracy
B. Precision
C. Resolution

06. Electrical lines of force about a negative charge are?
A. Circular, anticlockwise
B. Circular, clockwise
C. Radial, inward
D. Radial, outward
Answer: C

07. A _____ meter is used a null detector in wheatstone bridge?
A. Ammeter
B. Voltmeter
C. Galvanometer
Answer: Galvanometer

08. A moving iron ammeter coil has few turns of thick wire in order to have?
A. Low resistance
B. High sentivity
C. Effective damping
D. Large scale
Answer: A

09. A permanent magnet coil meter has which features?
A. Low power consumption
B. no hysteresis loss
C. reduced eddy current
D. reduced damping
E. all

10. A digital signal is what in?
A. Dicrete
B. Discrete in time
C. Discrete in amplitude
D. Discrete in neather time nor amplitude
E. Discrete in both amplitude and time
Answer: E

11. The EM field and current are concentrated close to the surface of the conductor. The phenomenon is called? 
Answer: Skin Effect 

12. The wavelength of an EM wave after reflection at an angle on a surface?
Answer: Increases in the actual direction of propagation.

13. When electric field is parallel to the plane of incidence, the electromagnetic wave is said to be?
Answer: Parallel polarized.

14. Δ x H = J + D is Maxwell equation?

15. Bucholz relay is used in Transformer Protection?

16. Gates between following range reffered by MSI?

17. Gates between following range reffered by LSI?

18. Which type of system is referred by pneumatic system?
A. Pressure
B. Hydraulic
C. Fluid

19. Solid grounding is used for voltages?
a. above 220 kV
b. above 11 kV
c. below 660 V
d. below 115 V
Answer: C

20. Cross over distortion is ?
Answer: Class B

21. The channel of a JFET is between the?
A. Gate and drain
B. Drain and source
C. Gate and source
D. Input and output
Answer: B

22. Velocity saturation in MOSFET is ?

23. Which type of engine uses maximum air fuel ratio?
A. Petrol engine
B. Gas engine
C. Diesel engine
D. Gas turbine
E. Hydro turbine

24. If ROC (Region of Convergence) does not converge?

25. Transfer function is?
A. Mathematical model
B. System with no physical structure
C. Can be calculated through differential equations

26. In LTI system is characterized by
A. Impulse input
B. Step input

27. When the current decreases to 2% the power in bulb decrease to?

28. Question about Convolution?

29. Which bulb operates on lowest power?
A. Night bulb
B. Neon bulb
C. GLS bulb
D. Torch lamp
Answer: D

30. Which thing happens in gas discharge lamps?
Answer: Ionization in vapor or gas

31. Continuous signal in the time domain in frequency domain?

32. Superposition theorem relates to?

33. Which of the following relay is used in Motor for protection?
Answer: Thermal relay

34. Kilowatt hour is the unit of?
Answer: Energy

35. In z transform cos pi/4 is the period is equal to?

36. What will be the sampling frequency that reveals the same sampled signal?

37. Which transistors are used in TTL? Bipolar?

38. Which system used dc to dc high voltage gain?

38. Which system used dc to dc high voltage gain?

A. Solar system
B. Battery backup

39. Which statement is false for switching regulators?

40. To decrease the power in control system we use?

41. Power plant the availability of power is least for?
A. Wind
B. Solar
C. Tidal
D. Geothermal
E. Bio gass

42. A diode that has a negative resistance characteristics is the 
A. Schottkey diode 
B. Tunnel diode 
C. Hot-carrier diode
D. Laser diode
E. Zener Diode
Answer: B

43. Common mode rejection ratio is the ratio of?
Answer: Differential mode gain to Common Mode gain

44. Resolution of ADC is defined as the no of bits in?
Answer: Output 

45. The control system is used for?

46. Horizontal line in the s plane is for?

47. Recharge able batteries are called Secondary batteries?

48. The batteries which are charged and discharged continuously?

49. Which system needs more stability?
A. Automatic washing machine
B. Traffic signal system
C. Home heating system
D. Motor with position control

50. Natural frequency in the control system represents?

51. For measuring small resistance we use?
Answer: Kelvin bridge

52. Hay bridge is used for the measurement of?
Answer: Inductance

53. bridge used for the measurement of resistance?
Answer: Wheatstone bridge

54. In three phase 4 wire system how many voltages are available?
Answer: Two

55. acts as voltage controlled variable capacitor?
Answer: Varactor

56. By which a meter after checking with no current returns to its previous state?
Answer: Controlling Torque

57. By connecting a shunt of higher value in ammeter what will decrease?
Answer: Current sensitivity decreases

58. If z transform lies in ROC then?
A. System is stable
B. Inverse of system is stable
C. Both system and its inverse are unstable
D. Both system and its inverse are stable

59. If R1 is the resistance of a coil of copper at t oC and RT is the resistance at T oC and also the resistance temperature coefficient of copper per degree centrigrade at 0oC is 1/234.45, then Rt/RT
(A) (1+t) / (1+T)?

(B) (1+ 234.45t) / (1+234.45 T)
(C) (234.45 + t) / (234.45 + T)
(D) (234.45 + t2 ) / (234.45 + T 2).

60. The shunt winding of a motor has a resistance of 85 ohm at 22oC. When the motor runs at full load, its resistance increases to 100 ohms. The resistance temperature coefficient of winding per 0oC is 0.004. The rise in temperature of the winding will be nearly.
(A) 20oC
(B) 50oC
(D) 100oC.

61. Wimbledon Tournament is for? Lawn Tennis.

62. All organizations share.

63. For minimum input a person has got the output he has used the resources

64. Sharjah is in? UAE.

65. Against Nehru’s Report Qaid-e-Azam proposed a solution of how many points?

Answer: 14 points.

66. the punishment for robbery in Islam.

67. on simple series question (___, 15, 19, 24,)

Answer; 12.

68. Which of the following Rukn-e-Islam is called a shield?

Answer: Fasting.

69. What is the literal meaning of word Qiblah?

Answer: In front of.

70. Northern end of Pakistan is occupied by western range of which of following?

Answer: Himalayan range.

71. The ancient name of IRAN.

72. TLRIA is to WOULD then YBVLKA is for? BEYOND.

73. Which word will be in the middle select and tick that one.
A. Rigorous
B. Retrospective
C. Remove
D. Revive
E. rumor

74. on 6th September (India attacked).

75. Washington DC is called ____ (City of Magnificent Distance).